Doctors and Dilemmas: A Year with Corona in the Netherlands

Two philosophers reflect on ethics and politics in corona times. Each year, hundreds of thousands of first-year philosophy students are introduced to the finer points of moral philosophy through a famous nightmare scenario. They are asked to imagine a loose trolley racing over a train track to which five people are tied. They can divertContinue reading “Doctors and Dilemmas: A Year with Corona in the Netherlands”

Editorial “Introducing Baghawat”

opposition, rebellion, uprising – بغاوت Welcome to this first editorial for Baghawat, the place of the displaced. We – two displaced women – have created this platform and publication as a space where we can come together free of national borders, societal expectations, and normative constrictions. We are overt and proud anti-racists, queers, neurodivergents, refugeesContinue reading “Editorial “Introducing Baghawat””